CNP is an unusual programming style (programming paradigm).

"Primitives + Control Network = Control Network Program"
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Main Features

Genuine Visual Programming

The CNP programmer can "see" the program – the Control Network – as a set of graphs.

Declarative Programming

A CN program can be simply a specification (description) of a problem. The system will automatically attempt to find a solution without the need to actually procedurally specify an algorithm.

Declarative implementation of user control

Powerful features to control inference – also "visually seen".

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Latest Publications

29Feb, 2014

K.Kratchanov, B.Yüksel, T.Golemanov, and E.Golemanova
Learning Control Network Programming with the Bouquet Cloud Compiler. In: Recent Advances in Educational Technologies and Education: Proc. 2014 Intl. Conf. on Educational Technologies and Education (ETE 2014), Interlaken, Switzerland, 2014, 29-36. Available also at: interlaken/ bypaper/EDU/EDU-02.pdf

29Oct, 2013

T.Golemanov, K.Kratchanov, and E.Golemanova
. SpiderCloud – A Control Network Programming Environment Cloud-Based Environment. Ruse Univ. Annuals, v. 52, ser. 3.2, 2013, 131-136 (in Bulgarian).

29Apr, 2013

Declarative Implementations of Search Strategies for Solving CSPs in Control Network Programming. WSEAS Transactions on Computers, v.12 (4), 2013, 174-183.

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